At seven, I got my first photo camera, a Kodak Instamatic 155X. With this camera, I took my first pictures of a truck, a DAF FA2200DU truck. They were the first of many that would follow later. The Kodak was soon exchanged for a first SLR, which also made a big step in quality in photography. Soon there was the dream to one day make a book with trucks as the subject. With this goal in mind, many photos were taken without being able to take any steps to realize this boy's dream. The dream only became a reality when the digital world began to take shape. The digital age changed a lot, what was once a dream I was able to realize. Self-study, a lot of testing and finally just trying out a book resulted in a series of different titles.

In my books, as always, the photo is central. The power of the picture is that it tells the story by itself and also gives the viewer space to "be" the story with the same picture.   

From this point of view, I make my books, the motivation behind this is sharing my hobby. After all, a hobby is sharing, the common interest always delivers new impulses to find new ways to go within a hobby.


All the best,

Reinder Meijer