Dutch lineups, volume 1

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In the eighties the Dutch transport companies were masters of the European transport market. The companies grew rapidly, the fleets were often replaced above average by even stronger, larger and above all more attractive combinations. This book gives a nice picture of the fleets of a large number of Dutch transport companies in the eighties and nineties. Almost all the photos were taken on the premises of the various companies.
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  • 200 pages full colour
  • paper 135 gr.
  • Languages: German, English and Dutch


Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Excellent overview over most of the Dutch transport-companies of the 80`s. Excellent fotos show a variety of brands. The Dutch companies were very open-minded. You find nearly all European brands in excellent liveries. That`s another point: the liveries of the different transport-companies in the Netherlands are first-class. Reinder Meijer told me, that it was no problem in those years to get the allowance, to take fotos on the different yards. Today that would be different. By the way: if you ever wanted to see a fleet of the legendary Ford TransConti - Reinder took a foto. Outstanding!

Christoph Büch

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