DAF 2800-3300-3600 volume 02

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The DAF 2800 and its subsequent models were actually in production for a little over 15 years. Yet, the model holds an iconic status among drivers. With the 2800, DAF managed to definitively establish its position in the heavy and often international transport. Originally, DAF was one of the smallest manufacturers in Europe. The company's limited resources made growth in a fiercely competitive market a challenging task. The acquisition by the American company Paccar, while maintaining its independence, proved to be a tremendous boost. The result is that the Dutch brand DAF now belongs to the top in Europe. Without the 2800, this growth would not have been possible. Sufficient reason to once again fill this second part of the book series with stunning, large-format photos of these DAF series. This book should also not be missing from your collection of truck and transport books.
  • Glossy hard cover
  • 200 pages full colour
  • Paper 135 gr.
  • Languages: Dutch,German,English and French

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