Enthusiasts of vintage trucks, especially those involving French trucks, are almost all familiar with the French magazine Charge Utile. The monthly publication is always filled with beautiful photographs and interesting articles about vintage trucks. In the most recent edition, published on June 15, there is an article about the Volvo F-series book series, published by MBM Cargotech. It is quite remarkable that this leading magazine pays attention to the books of mbmcargotech, a publisher that has been active for less than ten years!




Following the arrival of several ordered new books from our shop, we received this nice update from our Irish customer Tony.



Truck & transport journalist Alex Miedema takes charge of introducing the new series of Volvo books. Check out his very popular blog for the post.


The mbmcargotech books are also catching on in Ireland. Tony Hannigan from Ballinacurra Midleton sent the attached photo of himself with some of his truck & transport books. The share of mbmcargotech books can now be called quite nice!
Tony, once again have fun with your book collection!





Product development is an ongoing process at mbmcargotech. Topics are developed based on market research, results from already available titles and, of course, the availability of high-quality photo material of a specific topic. In addition to this substantiation, one's own preferences are of course not unimportant. Reason enough to finally give a top brand like Volvo a place in the mbmcargotech book series. At the moment we are working hard on a series of books with the Volvo F-series as subject. The F-series can safely be considered one of the icons of international road transport. So look forward to the upcoming introduction of this once again brilliant series of new books.


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