Over the past decades, I have captured a considerable number of crane photographs. However, I do not consider myself a specialist in the field of cranes and vertical transport. The compilation of the book "Cranes of Yesteryear" was therefore a lengthy and challenging process. Without the invaluable assistance of my good friend Sjoerd Keidel, this book might not have come to fruition. With decades of involvement in cranes and specialized transport, Sjoerd is renowned for his profound expertise, encompassing both crane knowledge and the companies that employ them.

This book offers a captivating perspective on cranes from the seventies, eighties, and nineties. It vividly portrays the rapid development of cranes and the applied technology. The cranes presented in this book do not solely originate from the Netherlands; a substantial portion of the featured cranes are sourced from various European countries. All of this is presented in the signature style of mbmcargotech: featuring large-format photographs, exceptional quality, and exclusive imagery.

In summary, "Cranes of Yesteryear" is a valuable reference work that should not be absent from your collection. It provides insight into the evolution of cranes, the remarkable technological advancements, and the contribution of cranes to the economic activity in diverse European countries.