Mbmcargotech books can contain both digital and analogue photos. The photos that are taken nowadays are all captured with professional cameras. The recordings are only made in RAW to be able to use the optimal quality. The editing of the digital images is done with Adobe products, the world standard in image editing.


The selection of photos is done using Adobe Bridge. In this image browser you can easily switch between the different folders in the mbmcargotech file structure. Once the image has been selected, it can be switched seamlessly with the first editstroke in Camera RAW.


Adobe Bridge



In camera RAW, the white balance in particular is set and/or corrected. The white balance refers to the color reproduction. In the mbmbcargotech books, the aim is to achieve a natural reproduction of the photos.

In addition to the color reproduction, in Camera RAW the lens corrections are made digitally and, where necessary, the noise (grainy image) is reduced as far as possible.


Adobe Camera RAW



Photoshop is used as the last step in image editing. Here, the crop and small corrections such as removing a pole are determined and implemented. One of the most important things is repairing image imperfections such as scratches and dust. This is of the utmost importance, especially with digitized analog photos.

Finally, size and resolution are adjusted to the boundary conditions necessary for publication in a book.


Adobe Photoshop



With digital photography, no scans or other intermediate steps need to be made. The images can be edited directly after being transferred from camera to PC. With analogue photos, these things are clearly different. The slide or negative must first be scanned (digitized) before they can be edited in Photoshop, for example. The scanning itself is a secure job, besides that the quality of the used hardware is very important. Mbmcargotech has gained a lot of experience with this over the years. One of the conclusions was the necessary switch to professional Silverfast scan software. The combination of scanner and this software makes it possible to get the most out of the old negatives and slides.