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Road transport in Italy is a fascinating subject. The often total chaos eventually turns out to work again. Italian brands like Fiat, OM and Lancia are still very much present on the roads. International road transport is often dominated by Western European transport companies. The share of Dutch trucks is very substantial. This book gives a nice look at many often sun-drenched trucks photographed at many beautiful locations.


  • Glossy hard cover
  • 201 pages full colour
  • paper 135 gr.
  • Languages: Italian, German, English and Dutch



Wednesday, 19 August 2020

Reinder Meijer took extreme good fotos for this book on some Italian trips in the 80`s. I am very envious. I would have liked to take these pics. The legendary old FIATs and all famous truck brands are pictured here. Everybody, who has a sense for old trucks, should have this book. Don`t miss it!

Christoph Büch

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